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CCTV Recorder Guide

Thank you for purchasing a Big Brother CCTV product, you're now on track to enjoy high definition protection of your property. Before we get into the guide please note that all Big Brother CCTV recorders are setup using settings that are ideal for every day generic use of the system, this allows you to just plug and play. However, you may want to tweak the settings to suit your needs, if this is the case please read on.


You'll get a log in screen on startup. There is no default password, you can just leave the password blank and click 'OK'.

 You may want to change the password for security, you can do this by:

  • Right click, then click on 'main menu' on the bottom left of the toolbar.
  • From here you click on 'advanced'
  • Then click 'account'
  • Finally on the right you'll see 'modify password'.

The account screen also lets you add or remove users should you need to.

So you've changed the password to something secure. Let's go through some of the most commonly used options.


Our recorders allow playback in real time. In order to access the playback menu:

  • Right click, click on the 'play' symbol on the toolbar.

The playback screen allows you to select a date range (right side), time (long bar at the bottom) and the camera you want to view the footage of (1,2,3,4,All section on right side). This is also where you would download any footage you want off the recorder on to a usb stick:

  • To backup footage to a usb stick click the small arrow on the top right where it says read/write.
  • A drop down menu will appear and you click 'backup device'.

How do I increase the quality of the image?

 You may plug your recorder into your fancy full HD TV and feel like you want a crisper image. We set the resolution of the recorder to the lowest by default to make sure there's no compatibility issues. This can be changed though to suit your needs:

  • Go to main menu then system
  • Click on 'gui display'
  • Drop down the menu next to 'resolution'. This will show you all the resolutions the recorder is capable of. Select the one you want, confirm it and the recorder will then restart.

**Word of warning, ensure your TV or monitor supports the resolution you select before changing it!**

I want to record 24/7 and not just on movement

Our recorders are set to record when the cameras detect movement by default. This is to preserve hard drive space enabling you to store recordings for a much longer period.

However you may want to record all day every day. In order to do this:

  • Go to main menu and then click on 'record'
  • click on record again and you'll be in the recording settings menu.
  • At the top you'll see the channel (1,2,3,4, All). You can change the schedule for each camera or all them at once.
  • Below this you'll see three tickable boxes.
  • If you want to record all the time you ensure regular is ticked.
  • If you want to only record on motion its detect.

What are some other useful settings?

As you get use to your recorder you may want to play around with other various settings. Below are a list of other tweaks you might want to make.

  • Auto maintain – Found within the 'Advanced' menu of the main menu. This allows you to auto reboot your box at a set time. This is good if you're in an area prone to power cuts or power surges.
  • HDD Manage – This is where you can check on the health of your hard drive and is located in the 'advanced' menu. If you want to format and wipe your hard drive you do it in this menu. Be aware though once you format it there's no going back and you'll lose all the footage that was one there!
  • Log – Shows you the activity on your recorder, reboots, users, information on what people have been doing on the recorder. Found in 'info' menu on main menu. The info menu also has more information about your hard drive.

Got further questions about your Big Brother CCTV recorder or camera? Let us know by calling on 01782 331660 or use our Get in touch form.